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About an athlete's body

Your body is a pretty cool thing. Wouldn't it be cool if you understood more about how it worked? A lot of information sources out there focus on developing your athletic engine. That's important! But it rarely has anything to do with your injuries, or maximizing your mechanics. This blog is here to educate and develop your chassis, so that your engine works better. Because no one likes to sit bench. An athlete's body moves with mobility and control. This is for you. This is An Athlete's Body.

You Asked, We Answered. A video of Running Rewired workout #2 from VeloPress

A HUGE thanks for VeloPress for producing this video. It does an amazing job at demonstrating the exercises in Workout #2 in Running Rewired. Check it out!


Another Mother Runner and Another Podcast

Check out this GREAT chat with Dimity and Sarah from Another Mother Runner. I know the excuse list:

All I want to do is run. I don’t have time for anything else. Well guess what? After you listen to this episode, you just may change your perspective on what it takes to be a healthy lifelong athlete!….. and exactly what it take to get you there