Looking for CME’s? Join me @ my Running Rewired Course in Colorado with GaitHappens

Hey all –

I get a lot of requests for teaching, only so much time to go around right?

This year, the only remaining course I have open to the public is @ GaitHappens this June 29 + 30. The course title is Running Rewired after my new book, but we are going to cover so much more depth: everything from MSK eval and how it correlates to running gait, to running gait assessments, Gait cues for specific injuries, Rebuilding the Foot, Impact of upper body on running form, running shoes, and strength and conditioning for running athletes. If you are a clinician or coach you’ll find tons of foundational knowledge and skills you can use next week With your patients and athletes. To register, please see GaitHappens

The great folks at SmartEducation made this course video when I taught Running Rewired there last year. Check it out! I’m heading back there again this fall, but the courses are already sold out. Hope to see you in person soon in Colorado!

running running rewired, injury prevention, gait assessment, strength for runners, plyometrics for runners, running shoes, running posture, physical therapy


2 thoughts on “Looking for CME’s? Join me @ my Running Rewired Course in Colorado with GaitHappens

  1. Helen Kaiser

    Can I still get into the Gait Happens course to be held June 29th and 30th in Colorado? I didn’t see this course listed in the Gait Happens section.


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