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Its cold. Its the off season. Its GarageFit!

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It’s winter- time for GarageFit!
Got a garage?
Got a few friends? (really hope this is a yes)
Got a MOBO ?
Got a box?
Got resistance a band?

This is all you need to improve durability this off season. The whole workout takes less than 40 min. You can laugh and heckle your friends, and build whole body, stability, control, and bone density all at the same time.

To see the full story I wrote, head on over to PodiumRunner – and have a great workout!

The Toilet Bowl of Doom: Trail Runner Nation Episode 442

TrailRunnerNationDicharryRunning is so much more about just going hard and grunting through it. I recorded a GREAT podcast with Trail Runner Nation that came out today. Check it out as we discuss everything from posture to foot control (seriously – this is one you’ll likely listen to a few times over as we covered SO much). We need to build control and awareness for a better you. Plenty of actionable tips and drills in this one that you can do NOW and your next run. Thanks Trail Runner Nation for a great chat!


MOBO.launchMOBO Launch Day!

Over my career, I’ve worked with tens of thousands of athletes. They train. Some do cross training. Some even hit the gym to train their glutes, hamstrings, quads, lats, and pecs. But through my research lab I’ve seen a common trend play out that no one does anything for their feet – and as an athlete, your connection point to the ground matters!
IMG_1196 2
I’ve developed a novel approach to improving foot control, but there are millions of YOU and only one of ME. I wanted to scale my approach, and I prototyped, developed the product you see here. MOBO is a patent pending tool to improve your durability and performance as an athlete.
MB 1.25.19-16
Please see + follow us on Instagram @mobo.board for more information and tips

Looking for CME’s? Join me @ my Running Rewired Course in Colorado with GaitHappens

Hey all –

I get a lot of requests for teaching, only so much time to go around right?

This year, the only remaining course I have open to the public is @ GaitHappens this June 29 + 30. The course title is Running Rewired after my new book, but we are going to cover so much more depth: everything from MSK eval and how it correlates to running gait, to running gait assessments, Gait cues for specific injuries, Rebuilding the Foot, Impact of upper body on running form, running shoes, and strength and conditioning for running athletes. If you are a clinician or coach you’ll find tons of foundational knowledge and skills you can use next week With your patients and athletes. To register, please see GaitHappens

The great folks at SmartEducation made this course video when I taught Running Rewired there last year. Check it out! I’m heading back there again this fall, but the courses are already sold out. Hope to see you in person soon in Colorado!

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Questions on foot, knee, and low back pain? check this out first!

I was at the Running Event in Austin Texas just after Turkey Day, and VeloPress asked me a few questions they got from readers of Running Rewired. If you’ve got questions too, take 4 min and give this video a listen. Then more importantly, take the time to properly prepare your body for the demands of running!!!

If you want success, you need to show up ready for success. I hope Running Rewired is the tool to help you achieve your goals!



sorry the noise is muffled….the AC vents in this conference room were loud!

Running Rewired Made It to BookAuthority’s Best New Running Book List


Running Rewired made it to the Best New Running Books

BookAuthority Best New Running Books

I’m happy to announce that my book, “Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed”, made it to BookAuthority’s Best New Running Books:
BookAuthority collects and ranks the best books in the world, and it is a great honor to get this kind of recognition. Thank you for all your support, get yours at the link on the sidebar, your local running retailer, your local bookstore, or any other destination bookshop!