I did your exercises, and now my pants don’t fit!

One of my former clients paid me a visit today for a check-up. While talking to him, he offered music to my ears.

“I did all those glut max exercises you told me about, and now my pants don’t fit!”

When muscles get stronger, the muscle fibers actually increase in size. Bigger muscle fibers can produce more force…..A positive thing for you as an athlete. This is a good way to “outgrow your clothes.”

Drinking too much egg nogg at your holiday party this week is a less preferable way to outgrow your clothes.

This video is only partially disturbing


6 thoughts on “I did your exercises, and now my pants don’t fit!

  1. Bret

    I am a high school cross-country coach (hopefully getting your book for Christmas) and I have been trying to figure out a way to enhance the glute muscles of my runners. I was wondering if you could provide more info on your glute max exercises. Thanks,

  2. roadrunnerireland

    Hi Jay. I have been really enjoying your book and trying the exercises out. Quick question about foot position on the chair of death squat exercise. Should both feet be pointing straight ahead or at a slight ankle outward? When trying out the exercise in barefeet with feet straight ahead I seem to get some cramping in the arches of my feet.

    1. an athlete's body Post author

      Eve – excellent question. Answer is a bit individual though.
      If you have torsion (angulation to the inside or outside) in the bones in your hip or shin, you don’t want to fight that. Unfortunately, you really need someone who knows what they are doing to tell you if the reason you seem to want to point your feet out is due to torsion in the bones (don’t try to change it, just let it happen) or tightness of soft tissues (this you want to correct). Basically one your should not try to correct, and one you should. Find a skilled PT in your area, or come visit me for an evaluation. Hope this helps!

      1. roadrunnerireland

        Thanks for that J! trust me to ask a difficult question. I will leave that exercise out for now and ask a PT the next time I see one (hopefully not for a while!). Again fair play on the book, it is a great read, full of information and easy to follow! Happy Christmas

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