More free books on the east coast, from Two Rivers Treads

The good folks at Two Rivers Treads are stepping up to help you this holiday season, with a free copy of my book, Anatomy for Runners. So if you need a pair of shoes, why not help those who are making an effort to help you as well. Here’s their email below.

Community Runners,
My friend Jay Dicharry is considered by most in the running world to be THE guru on gait mechanics and running injuries. He spent the better part of 2 years writing a book “Anatomy for Runners”. Jay and I have collaborated on many projects and much of what I have discovered I have Jay to thank for.

So our gift to you is his book with any shoe purchase or 50 dollar gift certificate. This includes closeout or current models. This special extends while our book supply lasts….we have enough books to hopefully get us through the holidays.

Dr Mark Cucuzzella
Two Rivers Treads


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