3 thoughts on “Run Posture Matters

  1. dbquach

    Reblogged this on PT Warrior and commented:
    Postural stability drills help you become more efficient. Jay does a great job of breaking down this simple drill to keep your posture in check.

    Looking forwards to seeing him again at this years UVA Running in Medicine course in March.

  2. Richard

    Jay, I started improving my posture during a run this weekend. I heard you talk about it again on a recent podcast. It felt like it was easier to run. My back was a little sore the next day. Is that normal since I am using those muscles to not lean forward? I am 52 so have been running that way for a long time. During a gait analysis last year they told me I was overstriding which was a surprise to me. It felt like i was running shorter steps. I was happy with the improvement but curious about the back being a little bit sore. I don’t run fast and focus on ultra distance so running efficiency is important to me.

    1. an athlete's body Post author

      Back shouldn’t be sore. Ribs should drop down in front WITHOUT a change in pelvis. Most times low back is sore its caused by dropping ribs but tipping pelvis down in front too. Make sure to watch the posture video that TRN posted, or also on the moboboard.com site under next level. This is one where visuals help. Best!


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