My new book is off to the press: PRE-ORDER Running Rewired TODAY !

Very proud to announce my new book with the amazing team at VeloPress: Running Rewired: Reinvent Your Run for Stability, Strength, and Speed.

What’s is it? This book is the answer. One of the biggest questions I get is “what do I do to stay healthy?” and the second most common question is “what kind of cross training will help me run better?” – and the answer for these is actually the same: Learn how to move better. 

The imbalances and performance blocks runners endure over many years of training shift you away from your peak potential. Instead of running with a Plan A approach, you run with a sub-par Plan B. And throwing more training volume on top these existing issues just means you get good at practicing sub par movement and sub par running. No one likes second-rate movies, and no one deserves a second-rate running career. You can do better.

Running Rewired focuses on theory, but more importantly on application. I’ve assembled 15 workouts to literally change the way you move. You’ll craft a body that moves with precision for durability and performance for new PRs. It’s the missing link between where you are today and what your body is capable of. Pre-order today to get the first shipment in the end of November! – you can use the link on the right to link to my own bookstore.

RUNNING REWIRED lays out a program for runners to become stronger, faster, and more resistant to injury. Please see more and purchase RUNNING REWIRED at your local bookstore, running or tri shop, or online from Jay Dicharry.

6 thoughts on “My new book is off to the press: PRE-ORDER Running Rewired TODAY !

    1. an athlete's body Post author

      Hi Jason – I have a little small surprise video planed soon, but its only going to be a fraction of what’s in the book. I’ll be blatantly honest here – to do videos right (professionally) takes a LOT of $$$. More than anyone ever makes back on their books! I tried my absolute best to give all the essential tips i the book – PLEASE read the descriptions carefully! And if you do need some one on one technique coaching, see someone you trust. Likely a local sports-savy PT. We also provide this service in Bend at the REP Lab. happy NY!

    1. an athlete's body Post author

      Hi Mary – I can’t speak to any specific strength coaches, but I can speak for the folks at Perfect Stride PT and NY Custom PT. Give em a call and they should be able to ether help you out or get you in touch with the right folks. Happy NY!

  1. Graeme

    I have pre-ordered your new book and just got notification that it’s arriving on 22nd January. Just in time to start the year off right, I can’t wait. Thanks for this

  2. Suz

    My copy arrived. I’ve leafed through the book. I’m glad there are alternative exercises if one doesn’t have access to equipment.

    I also am enjoying your work via the Saucony Stride Lab app. Surprised and glad to see some changes after using it the last 3 weeks, 4-5 times per week.

    Thanks for the tools. Having been injured a few times, trying to find ways to strengthen and improve on issues I have matters. And the AFX foot maximizer alleviated almost a three bout of PF after a month of use. I tried all sorts of stuff. I’m glad you shared it’s existence.

    I’m grateful. Happy New Year!


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