Coffee talk with Endurance Planet


If you are tired of listening to the same old tunes during your workout, check out this podcast I did with Endurance Planet. We get into some gritty  content here. Basically, the idea that you don’t need “more”, you need “better”. And then you need more of the “better.”

Skill first, dosage second. If you are looking for ideas on where to start your transformation next season – start here.



2 thoughts on “Coffee talk with Endurance Planet

  1. Michael Griffin


    Great stuff. Great book. I have had your book for awhile now and really got a lot out of hearing what you had to say after having already the book.

    One question that I always have is: “How do I know if I am actually utilizing my posterior chain to drive my trail running and mountain biking?” I am competent (at least I think so :-)) with the deadlift, and the kettlebell swing, but feel as if I am still emphasizing my quads more than I should when I pedal.

    How can I be sure that I am performing in hip dominant manner?


    1. an athlete's body Post author

      Hi Michael
      How can you tell if you are using your posterior chain on the bike? Simple- you’ll feel it ( from the glutes)!
      If you can’t, book a bike fitting with my lab or someone in your area who really understands bike fits and get it done right!


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