Shoe Study – Free shoes!

Hey Runners –

We are currently looks for 10 runners to volunteer for a study. The study will look at the effects of longer distance runs. If you are chosen, you’ll need to come into the lab to run 3 times. Basically, you’ll do a long training run at your typical training pace indoors on our treadmill. You are welcome to watch a movie while you run to keep your attention! As you run, we’ll be collecting data on your gait to see how things change during a long run.

Each run will be for 1.5 hours. On the first run, you’ll be given a pair of shoes in your size to run in. You’ll take them home to put 400 miles on them. After you’ve hit 400 miles, you’ll come back in and run again. Somewhere in between the first and second run, you’ll come into the lab and run in second pair of shoes. The runs will be spaced several weeks apart, depending on how long it takes you to hit 400 miles on the shoes. You’ll get to keep a pair of shoes for participating in this study.

Here are the criteria.

  • currently training for a ½ or full marathon
  • having already completed a ½ or full marathon within the past year
  • max weekly run volume of 50 miles a week
  • someone who typically runs in a “cushioned” or “neutral” type running shoe (you were likely told you have a “higher” arch)

If you meet all of the above criteria and are local in Charlottesville (or close enough that you could easily get here for the 3 running sessions) please give us a call at 434-982-1422.



1 thought on “Shoe Study – Free shoes!

  1. Allie

    Boo. I am too far away! I would be a good candidate with my wacko leg rotation but I think it is starting to correct pretty well. All because of you folks!


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