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Trail Running Tips and UROC

What’s different about trail running vs road running?

Is there anything you can do do better prepare your body for these differences?

Most all of the elite trail and ultra field is descending into the Blue Ridge Mountains this weekend for the Ultra Race of Champions. Should be one incredible race  – everything from smooth roads to the uber-technical flow of Torry Ridge will be laid out before them.

The team at UROC is trying to improve the visibility of Ultra-marathons, so they are going to broadcast content during the race on their site. Also they asked if I had any helpful tips or tricks for those who favor the rocky stuff and go longer than 26.2. If you’d like to know the answer to the above questions, check this video I made for Competitor and UROC. (you have to click on the link, not the picture) Enjoy!

Best of luck to all the racers!