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Bodybuilding Looks at Running

So I got a call from Nick Collias, a writer for Bodybuilding.com a few weeks ago. He was reading Anatomy for Runners, and was impressed with the way that I stressed the importance of comprehensive athlete development. He asked a bunch of questions, and put together a very nice feature article called Strength Training for Runners, How to Do It Right that you can check out here.

Sure, some of the models in their stock photos can lift you and your entire running group while squatting, but don’t be put off. The insights of a group of folks who aren’t first foremost runners is pretty refreshing. I should note that some of the pics and videos in here aren’t mine, and a few are a bit different that the correct form…..I recommend referring to your copy of Anatomy for Runners for the correct form explanations and pics.

In addition to some very insightful Q & A from bodybuilding.com, I wrote a basic strength progression that I highly recommend checking out!

Merry Merry Everyone!