Webinar of the month: Running Footwear

USA Triathlon selected my webinar “Running Footwear:  A critical look at what we know about footwear, and how to select the right shoes for your athlete.” as the February spotlight. This presentation is loaded with objective information and references to understand what shoes do (and don’t do) and help you see past the marketing hype to select the right tool for your runs.

Smarter runners make smarter decisions on footwear!

Screen Shot 2014-02-05 at 11.54.27 PM


5 thoughts on “Webinar of the month: Running Footwear

  1. Marius Bakken

    Dear Jay,

    I’m a Norwegian two-time Olympic runner (13.06 5k back in ’04) as well as an MD. I have been following your blog and want you to know that I’ve added you to a list of the Top 100 Running Blogs for 2014!

    You are there, and deservedly so, in spot # 32 :


    My blog is quite new and certainly not as established as your site, but I try to share quality, inspirational posts with my readers. Here’s one of my latest posts for you to check out:


    If you like it, please feel free to share with your readers. 😉

    Keep up the wonderful work. If you ever want to get in touch to discuss running, do not hesitate to do so.

    Kind regards,
    Marius Bakken, MD

  2. Marius Bakken

    Hi Jay, you’re welcome – keep up the good work – I’ll for sure keep following your blog, I really like the way you combine science/anatomy + running.

    all the best,

  3. Marius Bakken

    I’m looking for someone to do a guest post on running injury prevention (Type “15 Tips for Running Injury Prevention You Probably Didn’t Know”) and I cannot think of anyone better than you for something like that. Would you be interested ? I have an email list of over 10k runners that will be sent to that post so could be a nice promotion for your book.
    all the best,


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