My new book: bedtime story for the new royal baby?

It seems the Brits have been busy. A few weeks ago, a new Royal baby greeted the world, and it seems my collection of bedtime stories to Prince George was released just in time!

photo-14Anatomy for Runners has made quite an impact. Since its release almost one year ago, its been one of the top selling running books, and achieved significant accolades with runners, coaches, clinicians, and the industry. In fact the book has done so well, that it was picked up by a UK-based Lotus Publishing Group. The overseas edition, re-titled “Run Like an Athlete” is available now to anyone on the other side of the pond. I’m quite happy with this title – its actually hat I wanted to call the US book in the first place. It features all the same excellent content, although its been translated from English to well, English……

Yes…..The Queen’s prose is quite different from our countrymen’s linguistics. Going through the editing process with the publisher, I’m shocked at how much it was altered for the european audience: “Soccer mom = football mum” are among thousands of edits.

Note: this version of the book is best utilized with hot tea, crumpets, ascots, and a Hugh Grant movie playing in the background. 


my copy arrives by none other than the Royal Mail


5 thoughts on “My new book: bedtime story for the new royal baby?

  1. Lisa Farr

    looks great! i remember that was the title you wanted. 🙂 i refer to the book often. we miss your expertise here in Cville!

  2. Robyn

    Congratulations Jay! As a physical therapist (myself) in the Midwest who sees many runners, performs countless 2-D video analysis, and teaches clients to run injury free – your book has been by far the most comprehensive spot-on book I’ve read. I’ve recommended it to everyone I train as well as those I teach in CEU courses. Great read for medical professionals as well as the athlete themselves. Well done and very deserving. Great to see that it’s really taken off.


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