Bike Position for Power and Speed: free talk this Friday night

Hey Oregon cyclists and Pacific Crest Racers!

This Friday, at the SHARC in Sunriver, I’ll be giving a talk on bike position, and giving some really key tips on how to pedal stronger (the right way…..and its way more than just circles vs squares!)

Pedaling circles vs squares? we’ll explore truth vs myth.
how should you sit on a bike?
Pedaling from the knee vs the hip
How to do core exercises while riding your bike!
Q & A

no strings attached – all free – just come on by and grab a beer and a seat. You’ll leave with tips you can implement during your ride on Sat AM. Looking to spread the good word on my research and work for the past decade so we can all have more fun riding. Want more info? look here …. see you there!


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