The MOST important single sentence you’ll ever read about training

I won’t keep you in suspense, here it is:

Instead of getting caught up in the latest fads, always make sure each workout is contributing to your long term goals.

I was in the airport yesterday and starring at the news stand. Every single issue has some variation of “the 5 workouts you must do this month” plastered across the cover. There are lots of great workouts out there, but only you can identify who you want to be.

Its pretty easy to work backwards. Define your goal, and ensure that each day’s heart beats, muscle contractions, nutrition intake, and rest schedules are target focused on that goal. Because we both want the same thing: for you to be able to cross your next challenge off your list.


2 thoughts on “The MOST important single sentence you’ll ever read about training

  1. ryan

    This is absolutely GREAT advice! Listen up people: stick to solid training principles and routines that you are accustomed to or your coaches have advised. It often takes months and even years to reap all of the rewards and see the results from a training plan. When you skip around from one plan to another you are not allowing your body to absorb the training and adapt to the stimulus to make the proper advances forward. Instead, you are just haphazardly training and also inviting injuries.


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