Want a free copy of my book? School’s in session at a local running retailer.

There is a store called “Daddy Ultra Runs” down in Cocoa Beach, FL, and the owner, Hernan Garcia, is giving away my book with every shoe purchase from October through December…..at his own expense. Is this crazy? I don’t even know this guy. Why would a shop owner do something like this?

Let’s look at the reality here. 82% of runners sustain a running injury during their lifetime. Stats show that 42-62% of runners get hurt each and every year. Those numbers aren’t good! In fact some people would look at those numbers and say “running is dangerous – stay away!”

However, my experience treating runners daily for over a decade, and collecting objective information on their running stride in my lab has shown me that running isn’t really the problem. The problem has more to do with a) your body, or b) the way in which you run. While I spend my “day job” doing individual running assessments in my lab, I realize that I can’t see everyone, which is why I wrote the book, Anatomy for Runners. While its no substitute for a full one-on-one evaluation, its the best I can do until I’m able to successfully clone myself.

Let’s be honest, Your local running retailer is the first point of contact for runners. They see way more runners in a day than any local clinician does, and can take advantage of their exposure as educators. They can spread better information to both new and experienced runners, and together, we can work collectively to change those injury stats, and keep you running healthy into the future.

Thanks Hernan, and thanks to all of you who are spreading the word on the book!


3 thoughts on “Want a free copy of my book? School’s in session at a local running retailer.

  1. Vincent Cheung

    Thanks for the book, Jay. I hope more people follow Mr. Garcia’s lead in spreading the word. Your book should be read by every runner. The advice in book about postural alignment and achieving a neutral spine has made a huge difference in my running. Specifically, it allowed me to gain better clarity on the valuable advice about hip extension.

  2. Hernan Garcia

    Good to be famous, at least for one moment! Thank you Jay for putting together such a valuable tool for runners and walkers! We are glad to be able to share your book with our friends as we truly believe it will make there active lifestyles much more enjoyable!

  3. Luc

    I bought your book as a gift to my running buddies. It’s one of the most “affordable” running books on Amazon, with clear explanations and illustrations!


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