Call Me Coach

I ran into the parents of one of my former patients today. She told me that her son said to tell me hi…. and thanks. You see we worked together, her son and I, following his injury last year. She said after we worked together and got him back to training for pole vaulting, he was able to finish out the season and got a full scholarship to college. She told me that he wanted to give me his state trophy – said I was the one who got him back to training to win it.

Now I don’t take credit one second for any of this. That kid had talent and an inner drive that would plow through a brick wall. Plus – more than anything else, he loved his sport. Hearing stuff like this – that’s what I live for. To even think that any part of what I did helped this kid get a scholarship and help in his dream – that why I get up every day to go to work.

Am I his coach? Well let’s look at this….. Webster’s defines coach as:

from the concept that the tutor conveys the student through his examinations] a : a private tutor b : one who instructs or trains a performer or a team of performers; specifically : one who instructs players in the fundamentals of a competitive sport and directs team strategy

These days, we think of what we do for a living as more mission statement than job. Our sole role being here is to aid you, as an athlete, in the pursuit of your goal. To reach your limits- and combine them with science to help you blow past them. Yes, we do have a really fancy lab and cutting edge this and that, but you have to look at the big picture. The big picture is not a number. This big picture is you. Your big picture. Your goals.

Open your mind to what we have to offer. We break you down. Individually. We figure out the limiting factor, and then we build you back again – stronger. You’ll leave here with a plan. A plan focused around your goals. You know those goals you are always thinking about? – that is why you are taking time to read this. You know you’re looking for an edge. We can teach you to use it.

Think of the SPEED clinic as your resource. Think of us as your coaches. Its what we love to do.

Keep pushing the limits-


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