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Anybody want to learn?

Running Medicine 2012: The Gait Debate

The longest “running” running-specific conference continues this march 23rd at the Omni Hotel in Charlottesville. We specifically cater to the needs of Physicians, Physical Therapists, and Athletic Trainers so you can keep your patients doing what they like to do best.

The past several years have seen lots of chatter: How should you run? What should you have on your feet? What’s best for everyone? How should you contact? What should your cadence be? How do differences in unique structure and control impact all the above?

Clinicians, wouldn’t it be nice to answer these questions with a little knowledge under your skull? Instead of beginning each answer with ” well I think….”

Our distinguished panel of experts will share what we know ( and don’t know!) about running, and how you can apply this knowledge to your patients.

Oh, and come fit- because you’ll get to run your fastest mile yet @ the McCormick Mile on Sat morning.

Please note that Saturday’s lab session is FULL, but come join us for some great presentations on Friday. More info at: